Thursday, November 30, 2006


The Truth About Trees… Part 12

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Many of the huge Tree Groups ( i.e. Yew, Beech, Hazel, Hornbeam, Durmast Oak, etc. ) in our local area, are great personal friends to our Elfin Family. The reason for this is because we have been working, very closely with them for countless centuries.

You know, it is very humbling, but also very satisfying to talk to an ancient tree, that has known you, since you were introduced to It, as a babe-in-arms. In my case, 71 years ago, so they really know me.

In fact, they all knew my father since he was a babe-in-arms, and his father, and his father, and his father, and his father, and his father, and his father, and his father, and on-&-on ‘ad infinitum’ for at least a couple of thousand years. With this sort of background, they certainly know and trust us, enough to donate LiveWood to us.

LiveWood is my reason for living; but I’ll tell you more about that later, as you will need to know a few other things first, in order to grasp the metaphysical aspects of the whole thing, and use the knowledge to help you to achieve your own personal destiny. It is all a bit complicated, but all will be revealed, as soon as possible.

At this time of year, my son and I have to spend a lot of time, deep in the local forests, communing with our tree friends; hence the erratic posting schedule to this blog. But please, bide with us, and I'll go on sharing my stored up info with you, as quick and often as I can.

Its about time this information, was written down for the first time. And, who knows, 10,000 years of BackBrain Memory could be lost in a car crash… May ‘The Folks Upstairs’ forbid it!

If you, are enjoying reading my Blog, please tell all your friends. When I was younger, nobody had been interested in our work, for many many centuries; and you’ve no idea what a great thrill it gives me, now, to see the counter on this Blog, going up and up, every day. Wowie!! Maybe at last we’ve been accepted into civilised society?

Thank you all, for being my loyal readers…. " May The Folks Upstairs, look down on you with love, and Bless you, in all your endeavours! "

More to come, soon.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


The Truth About Trees… Part 11

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Right now, here in my part of England, we are in the midst of a storm, with thunder and lightning and a drenching downpour of rain.

Which reminds me of some things I ought to tell you.

I don’t think that I mentioned that strong winds often sweep along Ley-Lines, buffeting any tree or building on the line.

Right now, the wind is howling, and causing the rain to lash the south-west side of my home, like It is angry that my house is in It’s way.

Ley Energy is very powerful and gives no thought to anybody else; so don’t upset It.

I live in a river valley, where our local river passes through the North Kent Downs; and due to the excessive amount of Ley-Lines in the area, we tend to have more than our fair share of Electrical Storms.

Whenever they occur, the thunder and lightning, seems to jump about amongst the hills, like their tails were on fire. A very wet but highly entertaining spectacle of nature in the raw.

When trees are struck by lightning, they usually survive, but for many years afterwards, when you touch them, you can still feel them quivering with the after effects.

However, no matter how much I look, I’ve yet to find any Herkimer Diamonds amongst their roots. Maybe the trees in Upstate New York are different to ours.

More to come….

Thursday, November 23, 2006


The Truth About Trees… Part 10

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Most people have all sorts of preconceived ideas about trees that are wrong. As I mentioned earlier, trees are Group Entities not Individuals, like us.

So when you look at a particular tree, you are in fact looking at a member of a Tree Group; who may or may not, be a good representative of the group.

We tend to look at the part of the tree, that is visible above ground, and assume that we are looking at ‘The Tree.’

The truth of the matter is, we are only looking at part of the tree, that represents the group.

The tree’s head is in the ground.

The roots, ( it’s feeding system ) are the most important part of the tree, just as our head is to us. In fact, the tree’s head is in Mother Earth; and body hangs out of the ground, into Father Sky.

I’m not sure if they are upside-down or we are? You see, we have these things called legs, that hold us away from Mother Earth, and give us a different point of view.

It is also interesting to note that for every two inches ( 10 cms ) in length above ground, there is a corresponding length of root below ground.

Likewise, the texture of the wood in a root is very different to the wood in the tree’s trunk or branches.

The tree’s centre of consciousness is sited where the roots and trunk meet. This is usually just above ground level and can be seen as change in surface texture.

If a tree is cut through above this level, the tree will probably re-grow; but, if cut below this level. It will probably die.

So if you want to talk to a tree, talk to it’s roots not it’s branches and leaves.

More to come….

Monday, November 20, 2006


The Secret Life of Trees…. Part 1

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As I mentioned before; I now live in an old Victorian house, in a Three-Line Ley Vortex, known to us Elves as ‘Behind the Wallpaper.’

Using a secret process; I‘ve stretched the Earth Energy Vortex into a huge box-like shape that encloses the whole house and garden.

Most people know that Ley Energy travels in lines across the landscape; but it should be pointed out that Ley Lines are made up of a whole series of lines, both above and below ground as well as the normal ground-level ones, that people are familiar with.

This means that I have underground cellars with one sort of Earth Energy, a ground floor with traditional Ley Energy, and an upstairs with Psychic Energy.

Then, above it all is my ‘Eerie Eyrie’ (Eagles nest) full of Dryad Energy.

This Towering Box of Energy, is like a ‘Faraday Cage’ that keeps it contained and separate from the environment around it, so as not to influence my neighbours in any way. We need the energy but we have to be responsive to the needs of others, as well.

Apart from my immediate family, the only Entities, that have access to this Sacred Space, are the Team we work for, and the Old Gods we know as The Folks Upstairs.

Just out of interest, I have my Biggest Computer in my Eerie Eyrie, with a ‘wireless’ transmitter to the other computers. Which sounds quite normal. But, it just doesn’t work, as the Faraday Cage, seems to swallow up all the radio waves like sweets and we have to rely on cable connections, in stead. Oh the joys of Quantum Physics!

I'm in my Eerie Eyrie right now as I write this.

More to come…

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The Truth About Trees… Part 9

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One of the delights of the Earth Energy in a Ley-Cross; is the ‘Doorway to Other Worlds’ contained within it.

It is the perfect place to Meditate, do Psychic Research, or Talk to Tree-Spirits.

One of my favourites is shown in the photo. It is an ancient, multi-trunked Durmast Oak. This type of Oak is known as Wintereiche on the Continent, and is very Luna in both feel and attitude. We’ll talk more about this later.

As you can see, I find it a perfect place to sit and chat with some of the huge Tree Spirits, or as we call them ‘Dryads,’ that my family have been working with for many many centuries.

This particular Ley-Cross has Five Ley-Lines crossing at this point, making it very energetic indeed.

When I was younger, I spent twenty years, living and working, in a house built on a Five-Line Ley-Cross, built in a Pre-Celtic GraveYard. And boy, what a great home that was!

Many of the world’s leading Occultists, visited me there and were amazed that we could live and work in such a hive of psychic activity. We, of course, took it all in our stride, but most of them found it gave them a migraine.

The home we had in Nederland…. On Odin’s Island, Below the Rivers, in the Land Beneath the Sea…. Had only two lines, but as the many Dutch friends that came to our monthly open-days will tell you; it certainly gave them a buzz.

Now I’m retired, I live and work in a simple Three-Line Ley-Cross, which still brings out the best in me…. It is hidden away ‘Behind the Wallpaper’ at the Last Safe Crossing of the Mudway Eelspate, as it leaves Andredsweald, and heads for the valleys of Long Lost Atland.
But that's another story for another time.

More on trees and their magick, is yet to come…



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Something very special for all our German Friends…. And those English speakers who are willing to ignore the German Translation.

At my recent seminar in the bottom right-hand corner of Germany; Robert, one of the attendees, took the trouble to record my and Martin’s, indoor, info sharing.

Then another attendee, Rainer, converted it into MP3 files and made them available on the internet.

Many thanks to you both!... They’re great!

If you would like to grab this opportunity to hear Martin and I in action, please click on this link

The sudden thwacking sound is me slapping my chest to prove I'm a solid body, and the knocking sounds are me tapping on my scull; so you don't need to get frightened or adjust your set. ;-)

Hope you enjoy it... we all did!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


The Truth About Trees… Part 8

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Where two or more Ley-Lines cross each other, they form a vortex of Earth Energy, known as a Ley-Cross.

Any tree lucky enough, to grow in this power vortex, becomes a very special tree indeed.

The tree will grow multiple trunks and look very regal, and impressive. In fact, people will actually notice the tree and say, “Wow! What a powerful tree! I can feel it’s majesty from here!”

This is unusual, as most people tend to treat trees like wallpaper; never bothering to give them a second look. I trust that you will really look at trees in the future and give them the respect they deserve.
You will, won’t you?

The Chestnut tree in the photo is called ‘The Seven Sisters.’ It is only about 675 years old, but it is known as the ‘Biggest Living Thing’ in the British Isles.

That little figure is my 6 foot tall ‘Dutch Son,’ Jeroen, standing in it to give you an idea of the size.

Jeroen is quite as expert on trees and regularly takes people on special tours to visit some of the Woodland Giants in the UK. If you are interested, you can contact him via our ‘Dutch Site.’

More to come soon.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


The Truth About Trees… Part 7

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In fact the whole of our corner of England, is criss-crossed with Ley-Lines, making it a very magickal place full of psychic vibrations.
As any Ghost-Hunter, Psychic Researcher, UFOlogist or Crop-Circle Buff will tell you.

Most people are not consciously tuned into Ley Energy, but they tend to respond to the lines all the same, giving them a feeling of comfort and peace with the world. "It feels good here!" is their usual response.

My father (Dusty the 12th) used to describe them as being a numerous as the lines on your palm. When you examine your palm, you will see that there some areas with lots of fine lines and some areas with very few. Our part of the British Isles is like the base of your thumb; full of lines going in two or more directions, due to the movement of your thumb.

And, I can assure you, that on Ley-Lines things are different to other normal places.

For example, four-leaf clovers can grow anywhere, but 90% of them are to be found on Ley-Lines. In fact, in 1984, I found 932 four-leaf, 311 five-leaf, and 6 six-leaf clovers on Ley-Lines just to prove the point, that they are easy to find.

Trees are so responsive to the Earth Energy that abounds on Ley-Lines that they grow more trunks than normal. By this I mean they have a normal root system but grow two or more trunks above ground, as in the picture.

Two or three trunks are quite normal on Ley-Lines, with four and more on Ley-Crosses. However, if it is a Ley-Cross involving three or more Ley-Lines, the number of trunks increases too. The biggest cluster I know of, consists of 17 trunks on an ancient ‘Grandmother’ Beech Tree.

More to follow, soon.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Tomorrow 11th November

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Tomorror at the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month....
people all over the UK, will remember loved ones who died during various wars, because they didn’t have the protection of the very effective RuneScript, that my father designed in 1956.

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Terrorists in the UK

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Today, here in the UK there has been all sorts of dire warnings of possible Terrorist Attacts in the run up to Christmas.

Others are saying we all have, as much chance of being killed, simply crossing the road.

So a lot of people are getting worried; facing danger every way the turn.

But you don’t need to be afraid; all you need to do is click the ‘Read More’ button above, to get yourself and your loved ones, our Safety RuneScript. Its Free.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


The Truth About Trees… Part 6

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The local forest that I mentioned last time, is very special to me, but it doesn’t seem to have a name.

It is just that bit of old woodland between the North Downs Way and the Pilgrims Way, printed in green on the local maps.

But my ancestors, couldn’t read or write, so we didn’t know that. We just knew it was full of ancient ‘Sacred' Trees, so we called it the ‘Holy Hill.’

The headlands are crowned with huge Durmast Oak Trees surrounded with abandoned ‘Coppice‘ woodland, carpeted with an ephemeral haze of Bluebells in the spring, that look so delightful and soul-lifting.

Also hidden away in the forest are numerous Megalithic Stones, known as ‘Grey Wethers.’

They were placed there by another aboriginal race like us, that we called the ‘Horned Ones.’ Later the Celts called them 'Goblins.'

We Elves, could feel the powerful Earth-Energy Lines, now known as Ley-Lines, but the Hornies couldn’t.
So they used huge stones from an unknown source, to mark the Ley-Crosses, so that they could find them again.

They were doing this in our area, over a thousand years before Stonehenge was constructed.

But these Stones are so well hidden in the landscape, that most of them don’t appear on any of the local maps, nor are they mentioned in any of the books on Megaliths, that the New Agers find so interesting.

Personally, I love to touch these Megalithic Stones and listen to the tune they hum under their breath, as they lay there, sleeping.

They are a sort of sandstone with strange holes that bubble through them like a badly beaten sponge-cake.

They also pulse with energy, and are always warm to the touch; even the winter snow melts whenever it falls on them, making them look warm and dry in the midst of a snowfield.

The whole forest is criss-crossed by Ley-Lines, making it a very powerful and vibrant place; where time is different to what we humans are used to.

Every energy line entering or leaving the forest is marked by a megalithic stone, forming a vast loop about the area.

Maybe some day, somebody will plot all the stones on a map and make a name for themselves, if they discover what it all means.

More to come….

Monday, November 06, 2006


The Truth About Trees… Part 5

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According to my grand parents, I’m a Hereditary ‘Brown’ Witch that ‘Walks the Chalk’.

One of my clients Terry Pratchett, bless him, wrote about us in his ‘Hat full of Sky’. It is well worth reading… Click the Read More Link above... because he knows what he is talking about.

Today whilst the full moon watched me, I was walking the chalk, through part of our local forest.

This old forest is full of English Yew Trees with an average age of 2000 years. There are hundreds of these ancient trees, forming what is probably the largest collection in the UK, if not Europe.

They are in, what the experts call a ‘Hanging Wood,’ on the Escarpment ( the steep slope ) of the North Downs in Kent.

The slope is about 70 degrees, with only 4 inches ( 9 cms ) of poor soil covering the chalk. Not the best place to live, but English Yews love it and refuse to live anywhere else; as any green-fingered, or green-thumbed, gardener will tell you.

The Tree Spirits in this forest, tell me both it and they, has been there for well over 50,000 years, and my BackBrain family memory supports the last 9,000 years of this.

As far as we know, it is a small remnant of the huge natural forest that was here in the last ice age. In those days, England was still part of Mainland Europe, and the forest stretched right across Southern Europe to the mouth of the Danube. In fact, a squirrel could have climbed a tree where I live and travelled all the way through the tree-tops to the beaches of the Black Sea, without it’s feet needing to touch ground on the journey.

About 5,500 years ago, England became an Island; cutting us off from the mainland.

Since then, the Celts, and all the other invaders that followed them, have cut down almost all of the forest; apart from the little strip that nobody wanted of our steep hillsides in Kent.

Natural virgin forests like this are extremely rare and pure delight to explore.

Maybe, if I am spared, I’ll organise a few trips for next spring or the summer holidays, so that you can experience it for yourself. I’ll announce it, in this Blog nearer the time; so stay tuned. If you'd like to book a place, you could e-mail me at

More to follow….

Saturday, November 04, 2006


The Widening Hole in the Ozone Layer

I was a bit disturbed to see the latest picture of the Antarctic Hole the Ozone Layer.

Not only is it bigger, in spite of our efforts to control the gases that cause it, but it provides food for thought.

What If…

the lack of Ozone protection, causes the Antarctic Polar Icecap to melt very quickly?

Would the Earth suddenly become unstable?

Would it cause one or more Tsunami rushing Northwards to cause havoc?

Would the melting ice cause world wide flooding?

It makes you think,doesn’t it?

Thursday, November 02, 2006


The Truth About Trees… Part 4

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As I mentioned before; trees are group entities and live in large groups. But I should point out, that each Tree Group will be made up of trees of one particular type.

We call these Tree Families, as they don’t appear to have any national or geographical differences within the family.

For example: a Beech Tree ( Fagus Sylvatica ) here in the UK, is the same as a Buche in Germany or a Beuk in the Netherlands; whereas the people in these countries are very similar but different, and speak different languages.

These Tree Groups also have the ability to exist in the same place at the same time, without getting in one another’s way; a bit like the way, water, tea, sugar, and milk, can all be in the same cup at the same time.

This ‘Cuppa’ Tea, looks like a brownish liquid but you tongue can identify each component with ease, and also determine the temperature of the beverage.

Most Tree Families are easy to identify…. Like Ash ( Fraxinus Excelsior ) Gemeine Esche in German and Es in Dutch…. Or Pine ( Pinus Sylvestris ) Gemine Kiefer in German and Grove Den in Dutch.

However, some Tree Families are sub-divided by their different Latin names. Oak for example, has a number of versions locally….. Common Oak ( Quercus Robur )…. Durmast Oak ( Quercus Petraea )…. Turkey Oak ( Quercus Cerris )…. Pin Oak ( Quercus Palustris )…. Red Oak ( Quercus Rubra )…. Etc.

But some Tree Groups have sub-divisions that the Scientists haven’t ‘cottoned onto’ yet. English Yew and Common Yew for example. Both of which have very different characteristics, but the same Latin name of Taxus Baccata.

Our local is the English Yew which grows very slowly and seems to live forever, like the one in the picture.

More to come soon.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Halloween and All Saints Day

Last night we celebrated our own Ancestor Day, with special thoughts to the Dusty before me.

Dusty Miller the 12th ( or as we knew him, the Round Dozen ) who died suddenly in 1968.

“We still miss you Pop and you are always in my thoughts as we struggle to keep our unique Elfin Culture alive! Bless You and thank you for everything you taught us and for being such a great father and inspiration to me!
I trust that you are happy with my attempts to follow in your footsteps!”

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