Sunday, May 27, 2007


The Truth about the Aboriginal Folk of Britain __Part Two

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Contrary to popular belief,
the Iron-Age Celts were Not the first ‘Ancient Britains.’

They were just the first invaders to bring aggression to our peaceful homeland.

With the melting of the ice and the resultant rise the sea levels... Low-lying Atland became submerged to form what is now known as the North Sea.... And our northern part of the Wild Wood became the British Isles.

The Continental Celts, who were becoming skilled at boat building and navigation.... Saw our lands on the horizon and called us ‘The Isles of the Blessed’....

Because they assumed they were seeing uninhabited forests and that they would be blessed by their Gods for finding new territory for them to exploit.

They had no idea that our Aboriginal Tribes had been here for some 5,000 years before them.

I ought to point out, that although we now refer to them as Celts or Kelts.... They were in fact many different tribes with a common history and language.

You could, if you want to, think of them as being the first Europeans.... And just like modern Europeans, there are many sorts... Germans, French, Swiss, Poles, Dutch, etc, etc.

However, they did have a lot in common.... They wore their hair down, often in long plaits... They all wore bright colours... And lots of jewellery. The men all had full beards.

They all drank too much and were all very aggressive, having no respect for human life.

They were always fighting amongst themselves... with the losers ending their lives enslaved to the victors.

All the real work, was done by the slaves who formed about three-quarters of every village.... So that the Free men and women, could spend their time fighting, drinking and enjoying themselves.

When they came to our land, they came up the river in a boat, which was something we Aborigines had never seen before.

They also brought Iron Swords, which we’d never seen before.... And when we when to say hello to them, we suddenly discovered how lethal they were.... And we had to flee, back deep into the forest, in order to survive.

The Celts, considered us as human-like animals, and of no importance whatever.... So they felt free to kill us on sight.

Luckily for us.... They didn’t think of us as potential slaves, just vermin!

They called us the filthy people... In their language, Faerie Folc... you may have heard tell of ‘Fairy Folk.’

I’ll tell you more of these ancient Fairy Folk in future blogs.... So stay tuned.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007


For those who are interested...

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My recent seminars in both Germany and Switzerland were well attended... We met lots of lovely people and made many friends... The weather was perfect, and we came home really refreshed.

Whilst in Germany... I visited a Goddess Spring.... Shown here.... That was so deep that, like the sea, the water was a lovely blue.

It was a gentle relaxing place with very nice vibes... That are ideal for boosting one’s batteries.... Which is something I notice when I’m away from my power source.

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Have you seen this?

I stumbled on this recently and thought you might find it interesting....

What do you think? What do you want?

Friday, May 18, 2007


The Truth about the Aboriginal Folk of Britain ---part one

When the first, so-called, Civilised People came to the British Isles..... they came as invaders and killed or subdued, all the people already living here.

The original ‘Wild’ occupants of what is now known as England.... were classed as sub-humans with no rights and privileges, and could be killed on sight, like wild animals.
Just like the ‘Black Fellas’ in Australia, or the ‘Native Americans’ in the Americas.
Nowadays they are referred to as Aborigines.

I consider myself to be very honoured, in being a descendant of one of these tribes of ancient ‘Wild Folk’.

We aborigines had been living here, in harmony, for some 7,000 years before the ‘Civilised’ Folk first got here, 5,108 years ago.

I must point out that my inherited memories of this period, only cover the bottom right-hand corner of the present United Kingdom of Great Britain.
What went on in other parts of the country... I don’t know.

Our tribal ‘stamping ground’ was the area of forest that now form the counties of Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

We knew this area as ‘The Weald’ and later, as the Holm Counties.
Terry Pratchett, thinks of them as ‘The Chalk’.
Even J.R.R.Tolkien... another guy with an inherited aboriginal memory... thought of them as the ‘Home Counties’ and the rest of Britain as ‘The Shires’.

So all my observations, to be aired under this heading will be based on the inherited memory of my tribe’s activities, as recorded in my cerebellum, which we call our OldBrain or BackBrain.

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Part Two of this series will follow shortly...

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It's OK! I'm not dead, but my computer is!

Just before I went on my recent Lecture Tour, my computer got the hump and stopped talking to me.
It appeared that its motherboard was terminally ill and flatly refused to go online.

Whilst I was away, it just sat and sulked and when I got back, instead of welcoming me, it proceeded to die of old age.

Desperate measures were needed to save all my documents and programs, before it were too late.

I visited a load of PC stores trying to find a computer set up with Win Xp for home office use.... But Windows Vista is the new flavour of the month, and not at all any use to me.

Eventually, I located a Shuttle set-up that met my requirements, but it had a Linex platform, which I, in my innocence, thought would be simple to be remove.

Oh boy, was I wrong.

Even with experts working on it... it took another four days to remove it completely.

But, to cut a long story short, I now have a new computer, running Win Xp and with the spell-checker that is so vital to us dyslexia sufferers.

So now, after a couple of weeks worry and hair pulling, I am at last back online. Yippee!

There will be some much more interesting info for you, from tomorrow onwards, so stay tuned to learn about the aboriginal tribe, I'm descended from, and our work with LiveWood and Sacred Trees.

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