Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The Truth About Trees..... Part one

It was back in the forties, when I first started talking to the many ancient trees that my family worked with.

Although I spoke in human words, using my LeftBrain; they answered me in a RightBrain manner, with inner feelings and motions, sounds and impressions, subtle sensations and inner visions.

My RightBrain had no problem with this, but there were times when my LeftBrain had great difficulty translating the pictures and sensations into words of explanation to others.

As a youngster, this didn’t worry me, because we were ‘outlaws, beyond the pale’ at the time, and nobody outside the family, was interested or even cared about what I thought or experienced.

And if they had known I was talking to Trees, they would have rushed me off to the ‘Funny Farm’, as BiCameral and TriCameral Minds as well as Bipolar Disorder was unknown to the Medical Profession in those days.

So, outside the family, I kept my own council and my mouth shut.

But now, things are a bit different, and I’ll tell you more and more, in future issues of this blog.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Why I really love Ancient Trees

Here in the United Kindom there are lots and lots of ancient trees.

In Kent, which is the bottom right-hand corner of England, we have many really ancient yew trees.

When I say ancient, I’m talking about trees that were around 2000, 3000, 4000, and even 5000 years ago.

The Tree in the picture, was old when Tutankhamun was born in Ancient Egypt, and a couple of thousand years older than the church they built next to it. That is me inside it :-)

I was born into a local family, that thought it was quite normal to talk to these ancient trees.

Many centuries ago, nobody told my ancestors that you "can’t talk to trees, ‘cos that don’t have any ears!" so they just went ahead and did it.
And they’ve been doing it ever since, as a normal part of life.

I’ve been talking to our ancient trees, for over sixty years now, and found it very rewarding.

Being very curious, I tend to ask them a lot of questions, ( I’m still a kid, at heart) and then listen to their long explanations as they update my knowledge of their fasinating world.

In fact, over the years I become quite an expert on both the physical and metaphysical life of our local ancient trees; and give lots of talks and seminars on the subject.

Some of our local ancient trees are very interested in us and are willing to form partnerships with us humans, so we can both progress on many levels.
During the last thiry-odd years, I’ve helped over 10,000 people to work towards their destiny, just by finding them the right tree to work with.

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