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And now for something completely different...

Laughter is something that brings out the best in a lot of people...      
Even us Shamen.

Which is why I dedicate this to all the lovely 'Sangomas' ( Shamen / Witchdoctors ) who are my very special friends in Africa.
Keep up the good work, fellas!

Hey Percy! Has your Lion-hat had cubs yet?

Sunday, June 24, 2007


The Truth about the Aboriginal Folk of Britain___Part Six

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The second group of Aborigines who shared the ancient WildWood with us before the first Celtic Invasion, were small like us.
Their height was about five feet ( approximately 1.5 metres ).

They were short and stocky, with the standard physique known as an Endomorph.

The ones that lived in our area, had a Beaver as their Totem Animal, for they dwelt along our rivers; but in other areas they preferred the sea and had the Sea Otter as their Totem Animal.

They were great swimmers, having a layer of fat under their skin that kept them warm in the cold water. And, of course, their favourite food was fish.

Their dark ‘mousy’ hair was very thick and shaggy; and they had so much body hair, that the Celts took them to be animals rather than humans.

With low foreheads, a thick ‘one-piece’ eyebrow that went from temple to temple, and a beard that started just below their eyes; they looked very ‘Wild’.
Their whole body was covered in curly hair, giving them a furry look, so we called them the Furry Folk.
You’ll often see their descendants on the beach sunning their hairy backs.

Because they didn’t wear shoes like us, we noticed that the hair on their legs, continued down their feet, with curly tufts on their toes.
By this, I don’t mean that they had furry toes like a dog; in fact, they were just like a lot of people who have hairy backs to their hands, and also have hairy tops to their feet.

Of course, whenever details like this get passed down on the generations, people often jump to conclusions and form their own interruptions of the words used.
Tolkien said they had hairy feet so in the film of his book, they appear to be wearing fur-covered wellies.

The Celts called them Gnomes, because they lived in underground houses; a bit like their Beavers.
J.R.R.Tolkien made them famous as Hobbits.

Later they got all sorts of names, including Woodwose, Wooser, Ooser, and Wild Man of the Woods.

Many people still carry their genes to this day... Just look about you.

More to come... Please stay tuned!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


The Truth about the Aboriginal Folk of Britain___Part Five

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The Horned Ones, were the tallest of the Aboriginal Tribes of Ancient Britain.

With an average height of a little over 6 feet (about 2 metres), they big and brawny, with the sort of ‘Big-Boned’ physique, known as mesomorphic.

They had large fleshy faces with comparatively low foreheads, and big bushy eyebrows, that gave them a rather intimidating appearance.

Their Totem Animal was a Kine, which was the woodland ancestor of modern Cows.

Kine were large red-haired animals with big horns... So our big friends, waxed up their eyebrows into impressive horns, in honour of their animals.

In those days we didn’t have tribal names ( we didn’t need them ) so we Elves, called them The Horned Ones.

We always found them very pleasant and friendly, and were very impressed with their strength.

However, they didn’t seem to be as psychic as us.... We could find sacred power spots in the landscape, simply by responding to the feel of the place.... and had no difficulty in finding the place again in the future.

Whereas, The Horned Ones, needed to mark the place with huge megalithic stones in order to find it again.... We thought this a bit eccentric; but their stones have stood the test of time and all over our islands, you’ll find sacred sites marked in this way.

Some sites have big impressive structures like Stonehenge, and some are wide circles like the Rollright Stones, and yet others are just simple Standing Stones, or horizontal Ley-Cross Markers like the one in the picture.

Where they got the stones from, has always been a mystery to us, as we never saw them moving them or erecting them... and modern scientists are still no nearer to the truth.

The Celts, we’re a bit frightened of them, because of their size ( they were as big as the Celts ), and called them Goblins; which was a rude word to them, that roughly translates as ‘Big Bastards’.

The Celts used them, and the other Aboriginal Tribes as ‘Bogeymen’ to frighten their children into behaving themselves, and have been doing it ever since.

The bigger Goblins became Hob-Goblins, and were considered very scary.

Later, in the middle ages, when they were outlawed Wild-Folk like us, they also got called Boggarts and Ogres, and had to keep their heads down and not draw attention to themselves.

In all the Myths and Fairy Stories, they were cast as villains; to be outwitted by the Celtic Hero.
This was probably their own fault as they often adopted the image of being ‘a sandwich short of a picnic’ as a protective disguise.

This was quite wrong, of course, as they really were the salt of the earth, with a nice friendly character similar to Obelix in Asterex the Gaul, BFG in the Big Friendly Giant, or even Shrek.

More about the other tribes to follow soon... as soon as I've worked out the spelling, LOL... so Bookmark this page so that you can find it again. See you soon!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The Truth about the Aboriginal Folk of Britain___Part Four

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There were three different Aboriginal Tribes living in our part of the WildWood prior to the coming of the Celtic Invaders, some 5,105 years ago.

Scientists would have you believe that the ‘Iron Age Celts’ brought civilisation to the British Isles, and that the original inhabitants were just primitive and therefore unimportant ‘Hunter Gatherers.’

But that is not true.

The original people were highly sophisticated ‘Herders’ because there just wasn’t enough wild game for them to hunt, whenever they felt like it.

Although each of the tribes kept themselves separate from the others... There was plenty of space in the WildWood for us all.... And so we never needed to argue or fight.

In fact, due to the shortage of game, we had agreed an exclusive animal for sole use of each tribe.

This animal would become the Totem Animal for that tribe and would be herded as a sort of ‘larder on the hoof’... and ‘Out of Bounds’ to the other tribes.
All the tribes were nomadic and tended to wander over a large area of forest, as they found food for their herd.

Whenever the tribes happened to meet, it would be an opportunity to barter food and goods, and enjoy a communal feast, for a few days before parting again.

Although, the tribes shared a basic language.... (The scientists refer to it as the ancient Indo-European language)... People never migrated from one tribe to another, and inter-marriage was completely unheard of.

This peaceful situation, existed for over six thousand years, and is often referred to, as The Halcyon Days of the WildWood.
More to come.... So stay tuned!

Saturday, June 02, 2007


The Truth about the Aboriginal Folk of Britain___Part Three

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As I mentioned in Part Two, the Celtic Invaders were the first to give a name to the Original Peoples who were living in Britain before they invaded the Islands.

Because the Celts had invented a thing called Soap (you may have heard of it) and had ‘squeaky-clean’ faces, they looked down on us poor folks who only had water to wash in.

Likewise, ‘Dry-Cleaning’ had not yet been invented, so our clothes had a sort of ‘lived-in’ look about them; that wasn’t improved by the mud and dead leaves that were part and parcel of forest living.

So the Celts, called us the ‘Faerie Folc’, meaning the Filthy People.

In fact, this term, Fairy Folk, in modern English; has been handed down, through all the generations since Celtic times.

All the old Fairy Stories were based on passed-down Celtic memories used to frighten children and keep them in order.

However, as with all verbally passed-down stories, they have become distorted over the years and now only bear a resemblance to the original truth.

So, in the forthcoming issues of this Blog, I will try to tell you more about these Fairy Folk.

In our part of the WildWood, there were three different Tribes; all of whom had been here since time immortal..... Or at least 7,000 years.

Although we were different to look at, we did have a lot in common; that the Celts were unaware of.

For instance; None of us had any ‘half-moons’ on our fingernails.
In fact, we all knew that the Moon was very special to us... So when we noticed the half-moons on the nails of the Celts... We thought the Gods had put them there to remind the self-centred Celts of their duties.

We all had a similar Creation Myth involving the ‘Gods before the Gods’ as they are now known, and whom we all know as ‘The Folks Upstairs’.

Although we would never have entertained the idea of any form of marriage between the tribes... We always had peace between us and we were always ready to celebrate and trade with the other Tribes whenever we met.

We were all psychic enough to ‘Walk in Balance with Mother Nature’ and show respect for the Natural World about us.

We all had a life expectancy of 85 years.... Whereas the Celts could only look forward to some 65 years.

We tended to go grey, or rather, Silver Haired in our forties, so as to spend half of our life looking extremely old to the Celts.

The Celts, when grey about sixty and it indicated to them that the end was near.... This resulted in their handed down horror of finding they had a grey hair... This is still observable today.

Likewise, we didn’t even have any proper weapons, until the Celts brought Aggression to our Halcyon Homeland, and put us to the sword.

Next time.... I’ll tell you more about the other Aboriginal Tribes... So stay tuned!

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