Thursday, July 19, 2007


“After the Holidays, maybe it would be a good time to change your life for the better!”

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I was discussing ‘Happiness’ with by daughter-in-law Claudia, the other day; and we decided we ought to share our family secret with you...

However that is easier said than done...
So we thought it would be a good idea to show you how other people have achieved happiness... So that you can discover the best path for you...

Here is a video that could give you some good ideas...

That is, of course, that you make the effort to think and act!

Your comments would be appreciated...

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Here is something else for you to ponder about!

Listen carefully to what he has to say... and decide whether YOU are getting your vital information, First-hand... or Second-hand, from a chain of Repeaters?

Give this some careful thought...

Where do you, get your info from?

Are you getting real knowledge?

The official, Perceived knowledge?

Or just handed down misconceptions?

Or... Is it just Sales-Talk or Political Propaganda?

How reliable is your source?

What is The Truth?

Your comments would be appreciated...

Monday, July 16, 2007


Sorry Folks, but I’ve been called away on other urgent business...

While I’m away... have a look at this lovely, 4,000 year old, Yew tree...

This incredible tree was old before ‘Joseph, was given his Coat of Many Colours’ and has known and worked with, many, many generations of my Elfin Ancestors.

As you can see it is still alive and well, and growing profusely.

I’ll be back as soon as I can, and will tell you more about our Aboriginal Ancestors... so stay tuned.

PS Don’t forget to check out the archives of this Blog as they are full of interesting stuff you may have missed.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


This weekend, my wife and I have had two of our ‘Instant Holidays’.

We’ve had rain on and off for a couple of weeks now, but yesterday, we had glorious sunshine.... so my wife and I; downed tools and took a couple of hours off, on Saturday, to recharge our batteries.

We drove to our local ‘Fisherman’s Wharf’ for a lunch of Oysters and Lobster-tails.

The local shellfish were really excellent, but we didn’t think much of the ‘huts to let’ on the foreshore. Lol.

We both had a marvellous, relaxed afternoon; before returning home at tea-time to catch-up on our work schedule.

Today, Sunday, the English leg of the famous Tour de France Cycle Race was due to pass our humble abode, so we again, ‘played hooky’ and went down to watch it.

It was a 200 Km, ( about 120 miles) ride through Kent to Canterbury, with lots of twists, turns and hills for them to cope with.

We were about 50 Km (about 30 miles) from the start.... and were pleased to see that my namesake, was way out in front... making a very good showing for us Brits.

Bravo Son! Show the Frenchies we’re as good as they are!

It was a great! We waited and watched, surrounded with a bevy of beauties, including our Indian neighbours; all cheering our English Team on... and we all had a lot of fun... even if it was all over in a few minutes, as the mass of cycles flashed past us like greased lightning.

At least we have a good community spirit in our area!

Then after saying good bye to all our friends, it was back to work, once more.

Late news.... appearently, over two million people turned out in Kent, to watch this epic cycle race!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


The Truth about the Aboriginal Folk of Britain___Part Seven

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The third Aboriginal Group that roamed this part of the WildWood, in the days before England became an island; were the Little People with Tusks.

Later, the Celtic invaders called them Elves.

I know rather more about this Elfin group, than the others, as I am descended from them, and still carry their genes.

They were called the Little People, because they were about half a yard (or half a metre) shorter than the other tribes.

The men used to wax their moustaches up into Tusks in order to look like the Sacred Pigs ( or Æpæ ) that they husbanded as a 'larder on the trotter'.

Unlike the other tribes, they had as much forehead above their eye-line as they had face below it.

Their Ears were upright, and somewhat hairy, but without the earlobes that the other tribes had.

Some of them had crimped tops to their ears giving an odd pointed look.

They had green eyes and glorious red hair that turned to silver in middle age.

Which is why Tolkien called them the ‘Silver Haired’ Elves.

Their hair was so fine in thickness, that it blew about in the slightest breeze, and had to be confined within a pointed cap, to prevent it becoming tangled in the branches of the trees and bushes they lived among.

Modern hairdressers, shy away from me whenever I visit their saloon; as my type of hair is the very devil to cut and style.
Which is why, I’ve reverted back to an Elfin Plume, that I can get under my hat.

Our beards were also a bit odd.... Walt Disney, heard the ancient folk memory, that we only wore our beard under our chin, so he depicted the Dwarves in Snow White in this manner.

The reason for this was quite simple.... we didn’t have a razor, as they hadn’t been invented yet.
Because we wanted to look like our pigs... we used to pluck out the whiskers of our beard as they appeared in adolescence, and kept them plucked.

However, whiskers have deep roots, and although they can be plucked out of the face, with only minor pain; it was a different situation on the neck.

Pulling the whisker just stretched the skin making it very difficult to pull it out.

So we had to give up trying and settle for a hairy muffler.

I’ll tell you more about my ancestors in the next part of this series.

So bookmark this blog and stay tuned for more interesting facts about our Aboriginal Ancestors.

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