Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Calling All My English Readers….

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If you live in England, you’ll be very pleased to hear that, I will be talking about...
‘The Hidden Secrets of Real Magick Wands’
at this year’s Equinox Fayre, in Leicester, on March 17th.

This will be the first public talk I’ve done, in England, since I retired seven years ago. So it is an event not to be missed.

The Beltane Spring Fayre Group, will be holding their Equinox Fayre, at Moat Community College, in Leicester, on Saturday 17th March.
Click here for further information.

We have been given a table in the Magickal Market, where we will be displaying the largest and most unusual, collection of Real Magick Items to be found anywhere in the world.
Come and feel them for yourself, and we’ll be pleased to tell you all about them.

All of our items, are completely unique, and have a very special feel about them that Witches, Psychics and Healers, find so fascinating.

They can open doors into Other Worlds, that 99% of people have never even head of, let alone experienced.
Come and see how open your mind is… you could be amazed!

But… A word of warning… They are tools that work, NOT playthings.
They cost real money… but they are all fully guaranteed!

There will also be lots of other unusual people at this Fayre, so you can be sure of a very interesting event. Click here for more information.

Put it in your diary now… so that you can come and meet me and introduce yourself…. I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about… and it will be well worth the trip.

I look forward to meeting you there!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Slow Down or Else!

Why there haven't been any posts for a while!

Recently my computer has been giving me problems, and needs a serious overhaul.

So I thought I was being given a reprieve when I was called away on other urgent business.

However, in my usual stupid manner, I over did things and had a bit of a breakdown.

This worried my family so much, that they ganged up with my medical advisors, and I was given an ultimatum, to... Slow Down or Else!

Thinking about it… it makes sense… at my age (I’m 72) I shouldn’t be working a 12 hour day, every day. The trouble is… I really enjoy my work.

Somehow I’ve got to reduce my workload, from 12 hours down to 8, or better still, 6 hours a day.

I’ve got to get used to producing, on average, just one Work of Art per day. After all, a lot of other artists, only produce a Work of Art, every four to six weeks.

Not only will I need to reduce the physical work that I do, but I also get used to sitting more often and less standing.

I will, however, continue to write my Blog, in order to pass-on as much of my knowledge as possible in the time I have left.

If you like my Blog, please encourage your friends to read it too. The sight of my growing readership will be the spur I need to stick to my new regime.

Many thanks for your support!

Monday, February 05, 2007


The Secret Life of Trees…. Part 3

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In this posting, I want to introduce you to the invisible or psychic world that is all about us. Throughout history, people have known about this world but most people like to pretend it is not there, because they can’t see it.

For example…. Even today, in this enlightened age, our scientists, look up into the night sky, and tell us that our planet is in a universe full of stars. Any competent Astronomer knows that the Stars and Star-Systems make up a mere 5% of the Cosmos. The rest of the so-called Empty Space in the Universe, is 25% Dark Matter and 70% Dark Energy. But only the Stars are visible, so the rest is ignored and not spoken about.

There is great tendency for educators to be economical with the truth, and save themselves the problems of talking about invisible things. Just ignore it and it will go away. If you can’t prove it, it can’t be there.
With my students, I try to teach them in the way my Elfin Grandfather taught me.

This video will give you an idea….

The situation in the video, is often summed up as your higher-self and your lower-self; your physical body and your psychic body; or your body and soul. There are many ways, depending on which Religious, Psychic or New Age group you belong to.

Our Elfin metaphor, that has stood the test of time, goes like this…

Being simple country people, we didn’t know all the special words that everybody uses nowadays to talk about these things…. So we had to talk in terms that were familiar to us

So first I want you to think of yourself as a Horse… a beautiful one, of course.

Now, as you know, a horse has eyes that enable it to look forwards, or sideways; but not backwards. So no matter how it turns its head it can’t see the Invisible Rider on its back. Because the rider is invisible, no other horse can see it either; but it is still there.

Sometimes the horse is trotting down the road, and it feels a need for cup of tea… And it gets a sudden urge to look around the corner and there is a café. This is when the rider uses the reins to steer the horse in the right direction. In English, we would say we were reacting to a ‘hunch’.

Sometimes, when the horse has been good, the rider will lean forward and pat the horse on the neck, saying something nice. The horse will sometimes react by jumping about, telling everybody they’ve heard the Word of God! The they rush out and start a new religion, or something.

It is this sort of experience, that turns a sensitive into a shaman, or a believer into a saint.

However, there is a problem… Both the Horse and the Rider speak different languages, and don’t understand what the other is saying. Most horses can’t be bothered to work at it, and so, they end up ignoring the rider and pretending that the rider doesn’t exist.
Some unfortunates, hear too many rider words, mis-interpret them and end up schizophrenic.

So basically we humans are a dual entity. The two partners of which, work together with varying amounts of success.

Over the years, we Elves have found many ways of solving lots of the day-to-day problems of this partnership. I’ll tell you more about that, in future posts.

I’ll also be coming back and explaining more and more of this complex, Horse & Rider situation in future posts… So keep a look-out for further parts in the Secret Life of Trees.

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