Sunday, April 15, 2007


Calling all my readers in Germany and Switzerland.

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I’m off again for a couple of weeks.

I’ll be giving a Seminar on LiveWood and displaying our latest collection of Magickal Tools, near München, in Southern Germany, next weekend.

During this exciting three day Seminar, I’ll be sharing all sorts of un-published information, on the secret Magick of Trees, with a practical WoodWalk and a chat about my Elfin origins.

I will also share a lot about Wise-Folk Healing, and their practical use of the ‘Long Pendulum,’ to keep tabs on their patients.

There are still a few places available at this event, and if you are quick, you could grab one of them.

During the following week and weekend, my wife and I will be in Switzerland, giving talks at various venues.
This is the first time we’ve been in Switzerland for some five or six years.

There are still a few places available in Switzerland, if you hurry…

If you’ve been reading this Blog for a while, you’ll know what sort of thing to expect from my public events, so why not come and meet me, become an actual friend!

We’re expecting to have a hectic time, and meet a lot of interesting new people; so I’ll tell you about it when I get back.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Hi, I’m back in Albion ( the Celtic Name for England ) once again.

As expected we had a good time in Germany. I have spoken in Hamburg many times before and it was nice to see so many old friends.

As usual, I was humbled to find so many people taking the trouble to talk to me in English.

It is at times like this that I am ashamed of my inability to speak any foreign language. I really am a ‘Dummkopf Engländer.’

Because the press announcements had mentioned that I was descended from a long line of Elves; I got more than my usual number of questions about my curious background.

So I suddenly realised that it was a topic I hadn’t talked about in this blog… so I’ll try to put that right over the coming months.

Several persons asked me if I was an Elf, or a Gnome, as they had heard about these in their childhood.

So here is what I told them…

How Elves, Gnomes and Goblins got their tribal names.

When the 'Celtic Peoples' invaded our homeland, some 5,107 years ago, they called us rude names and considered us aborigines as worth-less, human-like animals.

Because they had invented a thing called soap and we hadn't... they called us the Filthy People or 'Faerie Folk' in their language... and tried to exterminate us, like the white folks did to the Native Americans, more recently.

We were one of the three aboriginal tribes that had survived the 'end of the world' some 7,000 years before.

The Celts called our tribe, Elves because we lived deep amongst the forest trees.

The tall tribe (with their eyebrows waxed up into horns), they called Goblins, meaning Big Folks.

The third tribe, were fat and furry, and lived underground in dug-out caves; so they were called Gnomes.

These old names have been used, by the Celts and their descendants, to frighten their children into obedience ever since.

I’ll write more about these matters in future blogs….

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