Saturday, December 30, 2006


Our YuleTide Celebrations….

Already we’re half way through the YuleTide Celebrations; and I’m exhausted! I’ve been wearing so many hats at the same time, I’m beginning to lose track of who I am.

At all our Tribal and family get-togethers, I’m expected to act as a Patriarch as well as our Matriarch’s Consort; which puts me in the ‘hot seat’ every time.
I’m also having to be a Husband, a Father, a Grandfather, and a Great Grandfather; to all the family I come into contact with, giving everyone of them the love and attention they so rightly deserve.
It’s a heck of a task, all this hugging, but so richly rewarding; I’m so happy that I have the most delightful family in the world.

Over the years, my wife and I have ‘adopted’ many ‘Sons’ and ‘Daughters’ and it is always so nice, when they ring us up from far away places, and I can give them our New Year Blessing.

“Thank You My Lady! For giving us the joy of such a marvellous family!”

May I take this opportunity, to send our Blessings to all our Shamanic Brothers and Sisters, and also all our Native American Brothers and Sisters, and all the countless ‘Healers’ who are using our LiveWood Tools to enrich the lives of others, less fortunate than themselves.

“May the ‘Folks Upstairs’ look upon you with gratitude, Bless you all!”

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The Season’s Greetings to One and All...

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I don’t know how You and your family celebrate at this time of year; but we will be Celebrating Yüle in conjunction with our Wedding Anniversary, as we do every year.

To us Elves, Yüle, is the ‘Turn of the Year.’ Until comparatively recently, we didn’t know that ‘New Year’s Day’ was the start of each year. We just thought it was a man-made festival, promoted by the Church, because they didn’t know the right day.

We knew about the ‘shortest day’ but we didn’t know that it was scientifically possible to calculate the Winter Solstice. We ignorant country people, did it by taking the trouble to observe the sun-rise, each morning.

To do this you need to know exactly where the sun rises in relationship to the horizon visible to you from your viewpoint.

A simple way to do this is to watch the sun-rise through a window, using the bottom of the window frame as an artificial horizon.

Each day this week, the sun-rise will appear to move a degree to the right, ( i.e. South-wards ).
But on Friday 22nd of December, it will appear to stand still, as this is the Shortest Day of the Year, now known as the Winter Solstice.

Then from Saturday 23rd of December, the sun-rise will appear to move backwards ( i.e. to the left ) until the Summer Solstice. On seeing the sun-rise, change it’s direction, we Elves say to our selves, “Ah, Yüle starts tomorrow!”

As my dear wife Jên and I were married on the first day of Yüle 1955; it is still a very special day to us, and we’ll sharing a special meal with our family.

In fact, Yüle lasts for half-a-moon, ( 14 days ) until Holy Thorn Day on the 6th of January.

I will end, by wishing that you and those you hold dear, a Very Happy Festive Season and …

“May 2007 be your best year yet!”

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Friday, December 15, 2006


The Truth About Trees… Part 13

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One of my favourite trees is the Beech; Buche in German and Beuk in Dutch.

When you place your hand on it’s bark, it has a nice ‘cool, calm and collected’ touch about it; for it is a ‘ Luna’ tree.

We Elves, divide all Tree-Groups into ‘ Sola’ and ‘ Luna’ trees, because the ‘ Luna’ trees are much more willing to work with Humans. But I’ll tell you more about that in a future posting

You may have noticed that Beech Trees tend to have a lot of big, lumpy roots, poking up through the earth at the base of their trunk, as in the photo.

Often there are little pools of rainwater collecting between these roots.

Have you ever put your fingers into this water and actually felt the water?

Not only is it very soft, but it is also very soapy.

Do you know why this is and what it can be used for?

The clue to the answer is in the dark lines that can be seen running down the trunk, wherever a branch grows out from the trunk.

They are caused by rainwater running down the branch, and then running in a torrent down the trunk, leaving dust and dirt in it’s wake.

A lot of humans have ‘ greasy skin’ and so do Beech trees. So this greasy bark causes the rainwater running down it to become quite soapy.

In the old days when I was young, in this body, some sixty years ago; it was quite normal for people to place crocks ( china containers ) under Beech trees to collect the rainwater for washing hair.

For the first 15 years of my life, my hair was washed with ‘ Beech Rainwater’ every week.

Our Elfin hair is very fine, with the smallest diameter of any human hair. Which makes it lovely and soft, but almost unmanageable.

Barbers and hairdressers, hate having to cut it; and many is the time I had to wait in the shop whilst the hairdressers drew lots to see who would be the un-lucky one to have to deal with my hair.

This is why, now that people are more relaxed and tolerant, I now wear it in the traditional Elfin Top-knot.

Mind you, I do still get funny looks and small children pointing; but what the heck, I’m proud that my ‘ side-burns’ are long enough to go up to, and hang down from, my Top-knot. Which is easier than hanging them over my ears, like my Jewish friends do with their ‘ Payees’ or side-locks.

There is still a lot more to come on trees…. So ‘ stay tuned’…. And Bookmark this page!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Our Lady Goddess

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A friend recently showed me this Video.

It is called "The Goddess" and was made in America, by one of Her Followers.

It will give you an idea of how we Elves, see the Originator of our Matriarchal Clan System.
My wife, Jên, is the Matriarch or Leader of our family tribe, the 'Sælig Silvadobbs.'

We also know that She has a whole hierarchy of Minor Gods around her to keep everything running smoothly and any one of them, can tell us what to do.
A bit like the government in your country.

There is so many of them, that we don't know for sure, who's who, so we refer to them as "The Folks Upstairs."

So here She is..... The Goddess

If you find this interesting.... Please tell your friends to come and read this Blog... Thank You!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


The Real Magick of RuneScripts….

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When Hengist the Jute Warlord, became the first ‘King’ of our area, some 1500 years ago, he built his Palace in Maidstone. It was rumoured that he had brought a ‘Magick Bone’ with him, that was the secret of his success.

Some of my ancestors, by devious means, managed to, eh, ‘borrow’ this fabulous item, make a copy of it, and return it without him knowing. Typical Elfin enterprise. ;-)

The ‘Bone’ was in fact, an ancient Human Thigh-bone, inscribed with a Runic Alphabet.

Nobody, including the King and his gang, knew how it worked…. They just knew it was Strong Magick!

As neither them, or us, could read and write, an alphabet didn’t mean anything. We, Elves, were however, very intrigued; as Magick was our stock-in-trade.

So, over the next 1500 years, we experimented to find out how these strange Runic Signs worked.

In the process, we discovered many things. The most exciting of which, was the sub-concious effect, the Runes had on peoples minds.

To put in modern terms…. Whenever a persons eye, beholds a Rune, an electrical circuit is triggered off in the synapses of the brain, that forms a ‘chain of thought’ that in turn, embeds itself in the memory and has a profound effect of other circuits in the same area of the brain.

To put it in a nutshell, every time you look at a Rune, you instinctively make a small change in your thinking.

This is accumulative, and can produce some very beneficial results in the sub-conscious mind.

It can do for the RightBrain what Positive Affirmations can do for the LeftBrain.

However, Runes only work in this manner, when they are ‘Activated.’

Activation is a Shamanic Quantum Leap of real Magick; and I’ve no intention of telling you about it. It’s far to dangerous!

Suffice to say, all my RuneScripts are activated when and where required, as I’ve spent the 25 year apprenticeship, necessary to qualify and become a RuneMaster.

So you can trust me, I know what I’m talking about, and the ‘Folks Upstairs’ are monitoring my actions, all the time. As my father used to say… “We have to do it Right, as we are Always in the eye of our Deities, and can’t afford to make mistakes!”

A RuneScript, is a group of Runes, forming a sentence, prayer or a picture. Other Signs and Sigils are often added to enhance the effect and make it look good.

But… Only the correct Runes will be activated to make it Safe and Effective.

Until recently, RuneScripts could only be activated by the RuneMaster actually writing the Script.

A couple of years ago, I found a sort of quantum physics method of using the back-lighting of the computer screen to ‘switch-on’ activated Runes in an electronically re-produced RuneScript.

This means I can produce a picture of a RuneScript, that will become activated when you look at it on your screen, and will therefore work correctly. You can even print it out and it will still work correctly.

However, if you try to copy, photocopy or print from the Screen-print image, it will not work. I will be nothing but a pretty picture. Sorry but there it is.

Likewise…. Don’t remove the © Copyright details as they are part of the script, and it won’t work without them!

If the RuneScript bears an descriptive sentence, such as ‘To Keep You Safe!,” this can be removed or replaced with a translation, if necessary.

RuneScripts are an ancient magick in modern clothes; and rather different from the Runes fortune-tellers use.

For your copy of our Safety RuneScript click here.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Something to Think About...

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As a senior citizen, I feel it is my responsibility to consider the legacy of my actions that I will be leaving behind me when I ‘ Discard my Spoon’ ( or ‘Kick the Bucket’ as we say in England ).

Today, I came across an interesting 3-min Video that I would like to share with you all.
You can see it by Clicking Here
It may give you something to think about?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


LiveWood Tree Talks, Workshops and Seminars

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As many of you know, we have a Deutsch Website that keeps our German Friends up to date on what we as a family are doing.

Well, today, we received some lovely informal pictures of me talking to my friends at the Seminar near München, in October.

As you can see, I can’t stop talking, even at tea-break. I’m so keen on my work, I get carried away and my ‘son’ Martin, ( the tall guy on the right ), has to tell me to shut-up, and drink a coffee.

All this reminds me; if you feel you would like to organise a seminar for us, now is the time to start planning for next year.

We are looking for opportunities to talk and demonstrate our work with trees, and how they can help you achieve your destiny.

If you feel you could get a group of interested people together, please click here forDeutsch and click here for English and discuss it with us.

We hope to hear from you soon...

Monday, December 04, 2006


Having Fun Today in the Ancient City of Rochester

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Today in the ancient City of Rochester, where I live, there were over 5,000 visitors; making the place as busy as a beehive.

Because a famous Victorian Writer called Charles Dickens lived here, 150 years ago, we have a ‘Dickensian Xmas’ to celebrate the fame he brought to our City.

This is done by closing the old city to traffic and filling every space with stalls, ‘Morris Dancers’, and people dressed up as famous characters from Mr Dickens books, such as Scrooge, Mr Pickwick, etc.

Whilst wandering through the throng, I met an Elf-like fellow in a Victorian outfit, with a pencil stuck in the band of his top hat.

This indicated to me that he was a character artist, so I took my life in my hands and let him produce a likeness of my phizzhog ( face ).

What do you think of it? That’s a LiveWood Cudgel ( walking stick ) that I’m holding in my hand; as I’m not so lively on my pins ( feet ) as I used to be.

Incidentally, Rochester is in my opinion, is the oldest continuously lived in City, in this country and probably Europe as well.

It was a famous Victorian City, and before that a Medieval City, and before that, a Norman City, and before that an Jutish City where the first Roman Catholic Church in this country was built.

Of course, it was a Romeo-British Town before that, and a Roman Citadel before that and a Celtic Town before that.

And originally an Ancient British Encampment.

We have graves going back through all these times and before.
The one in my garden was radio carbon dated to 3650 BC and one in the suburbs was radio-carbon dated to 42,000 BC, but I’m not sure that we had towns in those far off days, as my BackBrain Memories don’t go back that far, mores the pity.

Likewise with the Mastodon Elephant they also dug up by our local river.

This place is steeped in history, like mulled wine.

Friday, December 01, 2006


The Magick of Megalithic Stones

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My Daughter-in-Law, Claudia, has suddenly become a ‘Cover-girl’ in a German Magazine.

The photo shows her on the five thousand year old, megalithic stone couch she uses in her Healing Work.

Although this local stone is named after ‘Hengist’, the first King of Kent, it is in fact a ‘Maid’ Stone.

It is in a powerful Ley-Vortex and produces all sorts of very special vibrations out of it’s top surface.

For many centuries, it has been used to transform ‘Barren Maidens’ into ‘Blooming Mothers’, by re-activating their ovaries and fallopian tubes, in a gentle but effective manner.

Hengist was a Warlord, from Lüneburger Heide, near Hanover in North Germany, who came here with his brother Horsa, in the sixth century.

The German Magazine is called “Rauch Zeichen” and is one of the best I’ve seen. If you read German, and would like a copy; they can be obtained via the German Bear Tribe website.

More local Megalithic Lore will come soon.

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