Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I’m Back!

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Here I am again after five busy days doing a Tree Talk Seminar near Munich in Southern Germany. I expected it to be cold, but the weather was superb.

I’ve had a marvellous time meeting interesting people, eating everyday German food, drinking real coffee, and whizzing along various Autobahns, spotting wild Deer from the car window.

Mind you, I had some problems passing through the Airport Security System.

I had a very effective herbal, throat-spray, that I used to lubricate my dry throat when I have to talk continuously for seven or eight hours. I usually keep it with my Visual Display Folder and the maps and things in my lecture kit.

However, it was found and confiscated because the government in it’s infinite wisdom, were paranoid enough to think that I might use it in a ‘hijack’ attempt. How? I've no idea.

The authorities have also introduced yet another indignity for us older passengers….
Now as soon as you’ve got through the x-ray charade, of holding your trousers up whilst they screen your belt, and then having to replace most of your clothes….
They then, just as you think you've finished, expect you to pass your shoes through yet another x-ray machine.

Now that’s not too difficult for most people; but we older folks find it very difficult to change footwear, standing up.

I’m not sure why it is, but as you get older, your feet seem to grow away from you. So you can imagine the scene, half a dozen of us, senior citizens, squatting on the floor blocking the gangway as we struggle to replace our shoes without either the help of chairs and shoehorns.

By the time I’d got mine back on; I was in the right mood to kick somebody; but I managed to control myself by deep breathing as I galloped along the mile of corridors and escalators to get from the duty-free lounge to the actual boarding gate; with always seems to be at the backend of nowhere.

Then, of course, we have to walk down stairs to ground level in order to climb up the steps into the actual plane.

Oh the delights of air travel in the modern world. Still look on the bright side, at least I didn’t have to take my dental plate out this time.

I tell you, it is a good thing we can laugh, isn't it?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Just to let you know….

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At four o’clock tomorrow morning, my son will be driving me to the Airport.

I’m booked on the 7 am flight to Germany, and three days of sharing my knowledge with a group of German people. They don’t know it yet, but by the end of the weekend, we’ll all be good friends.

My German is very very limited, so all my words will be translated, paragraph by paragraph, by Martin, who has been like a Son to me for nearly sixteen years. He knows my stuff so well, he could do my talk for me, bless him.

So I’m busy packing. Making sure that everything sharp or pointed is packed safely in my suitcase, and that my pockes are empty as I go through the X-ray Machine, without causing an fuss.

I'll be away until Monday evening, so don’t expect any news until Tuesday.

If you want something to do… Checkout the links on the left, they contain lots of unpublished info for you.

Back soon....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Little known Words from our Pagan past… Part 3

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Further thought on my previous comments on the ‘ Downs’ in Part 2.....

Normally here in Great Britain, we think of invaders coming from the South or South-East, as did both the Normans and the Romans, with their large expeditionary forces.

We tend to forget about the many smaller invasions, by the Anglo-Saxons, Jutes, and numerous other North Europeans and Scandinavians. All of whom came ashore from the North Sea.

If you approach the North Downs from the sea, you will be climbing a long gentle hill, until you are between 500 and 600 feet ( 167 to 200 metres ) above sea level, before you realise it.
Then, suddenly, the ground falls away before you, giving you a fantastic panoramic view of the ‘Rift Valley’ now known as The Weald.

Lo and behold, you’ve reached the ‘ Downs.’ Maybe this is how they got their name?

More to come…

Monday, October 23, 2006


The Truth About Trees… Part 3

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One of the first things I discovered by talking to our tree friends was that, unlike us, they are Group Entities with what appears to be a host of separate bodies.

When we look at a ‘ tree’, we are in fact, only looking at a single tree, in a group of trees, that form the physical body, attached to a ‘ Tree Spirit.’

In this picture, you think you are looking at a lot of Hornbeam Trees, in a wood. But, in truth, we are looking at less than one percent of the huge group of trees that form the touchable body of a ‘Hornbeam Tree Spirit.

If you touch any one of these trees, all the trees in the group will feel your hand, as they are all one and the same entity.

If, for example, a small boy were to kick a tree as he enters a wood, all the trees in the group would feel the blow and shout “Ouch!” and all the other trees, for about ten miles in any direction, would be saying to it’s neighbour, “Watch that boy, he kicks trees!” The word can get around, causing consternation, faster that a wasp at a picnic. So be careful what you do.

On the other hand, if you walk into a wood, with a smile and a word of greeting to the first trees, you’ll find all the other trees will be greeting you with smiles from then on.

A wood may look to be full of trees, but there may only be a comparatively small number of Tree Spirits, with huge groups, living in that same wood.

A bit like ‘ Set Theory’ mathematics, a Tree Group can be as small as one or large as countless thousands. And the trees within the Tree Group will be of all ages from, this years seedling, up to forest giants, many centuries old. So counting them is an extremely difficult job.

It is also interesting to note that, the longer a Tree Group resides in an area, the bigger the group becomes. Many of our local groups have been here for well over fifty thousand years, and are still growing.

More to come….

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Little Known Words From Our Pagan Past… Part 2

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Last time we talked about our local forest of Andredsweald. This time we'd like to tell you about the new words that came about when the Anglo-Saxon invaders divided England up into Counties.

In the process, the 'Weald' became part of three different counties (known in later Saxon times as the 'Holme Counties'). 'Kent' was 'Over-the-Hills' to the North and East', with 'Sussex' 'Over-the-Hills' to the South and West and 'Surrey' over in the North West. The actual weald, (already half denuded of its trees) had taken on a rural garden aspect, and became known as 'Holmesdale'.

The hills that form the northern and southern boundaries of the modern Weald are in fact known as the North and South 'Downs'. Their tops or crests are called 'headlands'; their slopes are called 'hills' and the valleys between them are referred to as 'bottoms'. These names sound quite sensible, but where the name 'Downs' came from we've no idea.
Maybe it is some sort of 'English' joke?

In those days, the people living in Kent, Surrey and Sussex, considered themselves rather sophisticated. That is, apart from the 'Wild Folk' who still lived rough, deep within the forests of Holmesdale.

The remnants of the ancient forest were often referred to as the 'Wild' and their inhabitants as 'Wildmen', Wealdenmen', 'Wildershers' or 'Willocks'.
One of the tribes, the extremely hairy ‘Woodwoses’, are remembered as the ‘Hairy-foot Hobbits’ in Tolkin’s books.

The rest of England was referred to as 'The Shires' and their inhabitants were looked down on as foreigners or 'furriners'.

In fact anybody who wasn't born in this rather elite, south-east corner of England was considered a foreigner, for at least the first twenty-five years of his or her residency. If they spoke any other language, than Anglo-Saxon or Old English, they were called 'Frenchies' irrespective of what country they came from.

Incidentally, the Romeo British and Celtic people who were forced to live in the mountain fastnesses of Wales, as a result of the Anglo-Saxon Invasion; were now referred to a 'Welsh' which means 'Foreigner in the old tongue of these isles. Likewise, the 'Walnut' is the Foreign Nut because it was first introduced to England by our Roman Invaders.

The famous British author, Mr J.R.R.Tolkien, (another person with a BackBrain full of memories like us), as woven a lot of his folk memories into his stories about Middle Earth. Including 'The Shires' and 'Silver Haired Elves' like us.

For further information on Tolkien's stories, just click on this link:http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/redirecthome/practichelpforgo then put his name in the search box and click 'Go!'

Thursday, October 19, 2006


The Truth About Trees… Part 2

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At first, all my conversations with the ancient trees that were so beloved to my father ( Dusty Miller 12th ); were only what you could describe as ‘ small talk’ or ‘ polite conversation’, as after all, I was only a small boy.

After a few years of this, my father felt that I was growing up quick and introduced me to the sophisticated picture language that our tree friends use for ‘ serious instruction’.

This involved the deliberate use of my RightBrain, to mentally project and receive, moving visual images, as an internal teaching aid.
This difficult to explain; it is like having a computer screen in your head. Trees don’t have names like us; but they can tell us who they are, by projecting a picture onto the screen.

For example: One of my tree friends will show me a panoramic view of a local hillside, with all the Yew Trees in sharp relief and all the other trees slightly out of focus. I will look at the scene, recognise the wood and trees, and know it is the Yew Tree Spirit centred in West Hoath Wood.
So their name is in fact a visual picture, not a sound or word.

I didn’t appreciate it at first, but soon I began to realise that I was now talking to the ‘ Higher Self ‘ of the ancient tree, rather than the physical tree itself.
I’d passed my initiation into the Neurosomatic Circuit and my own Higher Self was calling the shots.

As an Hereditary Witch I’d come of age.
So we had a family party and to celebrate, and I, grew my moustache. It looked a bit stupid on a thirteen year old, but I liked it.

More to come, soon….

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Little Known Words From Our Pagan Past… Part 1

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As we ( The Dusty Millers ) are the modern descendants of an extremely ancient tribe of Wealdenfolc (Wild Woodfolk) from the area known today as 'The High Weald of Kent and Sussex'; we thought we'd try and keep alive, some of the words that were common in my father's day, but are sadly getting forgotten from lack of use, in modern English.

We hope that this item will prove to be popular with our readers,as we have so many words that we would like to tell you about, that we could go on for many years.

The 'Weald' of Kent and Sussex, mentioned above, was originally 'Andredsweald, the Home of the Goddess. It was the Dwarfish invaders in the so-called 'Bronze Age' who named it after their Earth Mother Goddess, Andred. We were living there long before they came, but we didn't know about giving places proper names, so we just referred to it as our WildWood Homelands.

Later, in the Iron Age, the Celts, called The Earth Mother Goddess, Tann. Which is probably where the German word 'Tannenbaum' comes from.

Later still, she was called Saint Anne, when she was converted to Christianity.

The word 'Weald' means a natural self-seeded forest, that is so old it was there long before mankind found it. Sometimes it is referred to as a The WildWood, GreenWood or TangleWood, due to its thick undergrowth and lack of paths.

In Celtic times it was home to lots of aboriginal tribes like us, who were forced to live out of sight and outside the law, and were considered no better than animals, by the Celtic invaders and their descendants.

Later, when we used to attack travellers (rather like Robin Hood in Sherwood) as our way of getting revenge; the Celts made a lawforbidding travellers from 'leaving the path'.

This sage advice of 'Don't Leave The Path' has been handed downover the centuries and even today, you still find the instruction 'When in the Woods, don't, whatever you do, leave the Path!'

Sunday, October 15, 2006


The Truth About Trees… Part 1

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It was back in the forties, when I first started to talking to the many ancient trees that my family worked with.

Although I spoke in human words, using my LeftBrain; they answered me in a RightBrain manner, with inner feelings and motions, sounds and impressions, subtle sensations and inner visions.

My RightBrain had no problem with this, but there were times when my LeftBrain had great difficulty translating the pictures and sensations into words of explanation to others.

As a youngster, this didn’t worry me, because we were ‘outlaws, beyond the pale’ at the time, and nobody outside the family, was interested or even cared about what I thought or experienced. And if they had known I was talking to Trees, they would have rushed me off to the ‘Funny Farm’, as Bipolar Disorder was unknown to the Medical Profession in those days.

So, outside the family, I kept my own council and my mouth shut.
But now, things are a bit different, and I’ll tell you more and more, in future issues of this blog.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


A Seminar/Workshop for all our German Friends

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Just a 'Quickie' to let you know that my wife and I will be doing a LiveWood & Healing Seminar in Barvaria ( Southern Germany) in a couple of weeks.
Friday 27th October to Sunday 29th October at a Seminar-House near Munchen.
For details....

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Why I Love Really Ancient Trees

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Here in the UK there are lots and lots of ancient trees. In Kent, which is the bottom right-hand corner of England, we have many really ancient yew trees. When I say ancient, I’m talking about trees that were around 2000, 3000, 4000, and even 5000 years ago.

The Tree in the picture, was old when Tutankhamun was born in Ancient Egypt, and a couple of thousand years older than the church they built next to it. That is me inside it :-)

I was born into a local family, that thought it was quite normal to talk to these ancient trees. Many centuries ago, nobody told my ancestors that you “can’t talk to trees, ‘cos that don’t have any ears!” so they just went ahead and did it. And they’ve been doing it ever since, as a normal part of life. I’ve been talking to our ancient trees, for over sixty years now, and found it very rewarding.

Being very curious, I tend to ask them a lot of questions, ( I’m still a kid, at heart) and then listen to their long explanations as they update my knowledge of their fasinating world.

In fact, over the years I become quite an expert on both the physical and metaphysical life of our local ancient trees; and give lots of talks and seminars on the subject.

Some of our local ancient trees are very interested in us and are willing to form partnerships with us humans, so we can both progress on many levels. During the last thiry-odd years, I’ve helped over 10,000 people to work towards their destiny, just by finding them the right tree to work with.



Hello, I'm just a beginner at this....

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Being a 'RightBrained' guy in a 'LeftBrained' world, I've got to get used to putting my thoughts down on paper.
It is, sort of, turning the pictures in my mind, into words, so that other people can form them into a picture in their own mind. Their picture may or may not be the same as mine, but if the effect it has on them is the same as it has on me, success has been achieved.
If on the other hand, my words don't make sense to them, and they think that I'm just a silly of fool, then that is OK too.

So I guess it is up to you to judge my efforts for yourself and love me or leave me, as your heart dictates.

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