Sunday, January 06, 2008


The Truth About Trees… Part 6

The local forest that I mentioned last time, is very special to me, but it doesn’t seem to have a name.

It is just that bit of old woodland between the North Downs Way and the Pilgrims Way, printed in green on the local maps.

But my ancestors, couldn’t read or write, so we didn’t know that.

We just knew it was full of ancient ‘Sacred' Trees, so we called it the ‘Holy Hill.’

The headlands of the hill, are crowned with huge Durmast Oak Trees surrounded with abandoned ‘Coppice' woodland, carpeted with an ephemeral haze of Bluebells in the spring, that look so delightful and soul-lifting.

Also hidden away in the forest are numerous Megalithic Stones, known as ‘Grey Wethers.’

They were placed there by another aboriginal race like us, that we called the ‘Horned Ones.’

Later the Celts called them 'Goblins.'

We Elves, could feel the powerful Earth-Energy Lines, now known as Ley-Lines, but the Hornies couldn’t.

So they used huge stones from an unknown source, to mark the Ley-Crosses, so that they could find them again.

They were doing this in our area, over a thousand years before Stonehenge was constructed.

But these Stones are so well hidden in the landscape, that most of them don’t appear on any of the local maps, nor are they mentioned in any of the books on Megaliths, that the New Agers find so interesting.

Personally, I love to touch these Megalithic Stones and listen to the tune they hum under their breath, as they lay there, sleeping.

They are a sort of sandstone with strange holes that bubble through them like a badly beaten sponge-cake.

They also pulse with energy, and are always warm to the touch; even the winter snow melts whenever it falls on them, making them look warm and dry in the midst of a snowfield.

The whole forest is criss-crossed by Ley-Lines, making it a very powerful and vibrant place; where time is different to what we humans are used to.

Every energy line entering or leaving the forest is marked by a megalithic stone, forming a vast loop about the area.
Maybe some day, somebody will plot all the stones on a map and make a name for themselves, if they discover what it all means.

More to come…. Stay tuned to this blog!

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