Sunday, December 09, 2007


The Truth About Trees… Part 4

As I mentioned before; trees are group entities and live in large groups.

But I should point out, that each Tree Group will be made up of trees of one particular type.

We call these Tree Families, as they don’t appear to have any national or geographical differences within the family.

For example: a Beech Tree ( Fagus Sylvatica ) here in the UK, is the same as a Buche in Germany or a Beuk in the Netherlands; whereas the people in these countries are very similar but different, and speak different languages.

These Tree Groups also have the ability to exist in the same place at the same time, without getting in one another’s way; a bit like the way, water, tea, sugar, and milk, can all be in the same cup at the same time.

This ‘Cuppa’ Tea, looks like a brownish liquid but you tongue can identify each component with ease, and also determine the temperature of the beverage.

Most Tree Families are easy to identify…. Like Ash ( Fraxinus Excelsior ) Gemeine Esche in German and Es in Dutch….
Or Pine ( Pinus Sylvestris ) Gemine Kiefer in German and Grove Den in Dutch.

However, some Tree Families are sub-divided by their different Latin names.

Oak for example, has a number of versions locally….. Common Oak ( Quercus Robur )…. Durmast Oak ( Quercus Petraea )…. Turkey Oak ( Quercus Cerris )…. Pin Oak ( Quercus Palustris )…. Red Oak ( Quercus Rubra )…. Etc.

But some Tree Groups have sub-divisions that the Scientists haven’t ‘cottoned onto’ yet.

English Yew and Common Yew for example. Both of which have very different characteristics, but the same Latin name of Taxus Baccata.

Our local is the English Yew which grows very slowly and seems to live forever, like the one in the picture, with a current 3,600+ year old body, and a 50,000+ year old mind.

More to come soon, so BookMark this Blog and stay tuned.

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