Saturday, December 01, 2007


Little known Words from our Pagan past… Part 3

Further thought on my previous comments on the ‘ Downs’ in Part 2.....

Normally here in Great Britain, we think of invaders coming from the South or South-East, as did both the Normans and the Romans, with their large expeditionary forces.

We tend to forget about the many smaller invasions, by the Anglo-Saxons, Jutes, and numerous other North Europeans and Scandinavians.
All of whom came ashore from the North Sea.

If you approach the North Downs from the sea, you will be climbing a long gentle hill, until you are between 500 and 600 feet ( 167 to 200 metres ) above sea level, before you realise it.

Then, suddenly, the ground falls away before you, giving you a fantastic panoramic view of the ‘Rift Valley’ now known as The Weald.

Lo and behold, you’ve reached the ‘ Downs.’

Maybe this is how they got their name?

More to come…

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