Thursday, November 22, 2007


The Truth About Trees… Part 3

One of the first things I discovered by talking to our tree friends was that, unlike us, they are Group Entities with what appears to be a host of separate bodies.

When we look at a ‘ tree’, we are in fact, only looking at a single tree, in a group of trees, that form the physical body, attached to a ‘ Tree Spirit.’

In this picture, you think you are looking at a lot of Hornbeam Trees, in a wood. But, in truth, we are looking at less than one percent of the huge group of trees that form the touchable body of a ‘Hornbeam Tree Spirit.’

If you touch any one of these trees, all the trees in the group will feel your hand, as they are all one and the same entity.

If, for example, a small boy were to kick a tree as he enters a wood, all the trees in the group would feel the blow and shout "Ouch!" and all the other trees, for about ten miles in any direction, would be saying to it’s neighbour, "Watch that boy, he kicks trees!"
The word can get around, causing consternation, faster that a wasp at a picnic.
So be careful what you do.

On the other hand, if you walk into a wood, with a smile and a word of greeting to the first trees, you’ll find all the other trees will be greeting you with smiles from then on.

A wood may look to be full of trees, but there may only be a comparatively small number of Tree Spirits, with huge groups, living in that same wood.

A bit like ‘ Set Theory’ mathematics, a Tree Group can be as small as one or large as countless thousands.
And the trees within the Tree Group will be of all ages from, this years seedling, up to forest giants, many centuries old.
So counting them is an extremely difficult job.

It is also interesting to note that, the longer a Tree Group resides in an area, the bigger the group becomes.

Many of our local groups have been here for well over fifty thousand years, and are still growing.

More to come….

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