Monday, November 05, 2007


The Truth About Trees… Part 2

At first, all my conversations with the ancient trees that were so beloved to my father ( Dusty Miller 12th ); were only what you could describe as ‘ small talk’ or ‘ polite conversation’, as after all, I was only a small boy.

After a few years of this, my father felt that I was growing up quick and introduced me to the sophisticated picture language that our tree friends use for ‘ serious instruction’.

This involved the deliberate use of my RightBrain, to mentally project and receive, moving visual images, as an internal teaching aid.

This difficult to explain; it is like having a computer screen in your head. Trees don’t have names like us; but they can tell us who they are, by projecting a picture onto the screen.

For example: One of my tree friends will show me a panoramic view of a local hillside, with all the Yew Trees in sharp relief and all the other trees slightly out of focus.
I will look at the scene, recognise the wood and trees, and know it is the Yew Tree Spirit centred in West Hoath Wood.

So their name is in fact a visual picture, not a sound or word.

I didn’t appreciate it at first, but soon I began to realise that I was now talking to the ‘ Higher Self ' of the ancient tree group, rather than a physical tree itself.

I’d passed my initiation into the Neurosomatic Circuit and my own Higher Self was calling the shots.

As an Hereditary Witch I’d come of age.

So we had a family party to celebrate, and I grew my moustache.
It looked a bit stupid on a thirteen year old, but I liked it.

More to come, soon….

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