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The Real Truth about the Four-Leaf Clover

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Here is the original story about Four-Leaf Clovers... That has been handed down for centuries... Together with my comments in italics.

Once upon a time there was a goodwife.... Does this mean she was a Good wife or that she was a Slave to her husband?

Who went to milk the family cow.... A single cow was normal for lower class families in medieval times.

When she had filled the wooden pail.... Like half a small barrel with a rope handle.

She placed the full pail on top of her head, to carry it.... Much easier than trying to carry it with your arm holding it away from your body.

Using a fistful of grass, as a pad to make the pail sit more comfortably on her head... The old method, before cloth rings were invented.

She had walked almost back to her hovel.... A simple, single roomed hut.

Before something caused her to look back at the cow.... Maybe a sound or movement.

To her surprise; there were Fairies dancing around her cow.... The small, outlawed wild folk of the woods; that we believe were Elves like us. They weren’t dancing, but grabbing the opportunity to milk the cow and get the cream, that the wife had left behind.

So she called out to her husband.... As you do.

"Husband, husband, come quickly, I can see the ‘little people’".... Something unusual for her.

"Oh dear! Too late, they’ve vanished!".... The Elves, in their dirty, naturally camouflaged clothing, only had to freeze, and keep still, in order to disappear into the background.

She said, taking the pail off her head and allowing the fistful of grass to fall to the ground.... This allowed the Elves to escape whilst the goodwife and her man were distracted.

Her husband couldn’t see any Fairies, but he did notice a Four-Leaf Clover in the fistful of grass... A real Hawkeye!

So he picked it up and proclaimed.... A typical know-it-all.

"It was because you had this very rare Four-Leaf Clover, that you were able to see Fairies!"

And that is how the idea got about!

This story was first written down some five hundred years ago, and has been copied by many writers of Fairy Stories, again and again ever since.... But nobody thought to get a Four-Leaf Clover and put it to the test.... They just assumed it to be true.

Being a Elf myself, I decided to check it out for myself.... And here is what I discovered.

For those of us, who are clever enough to see and recognise Clover when it is growing in a field.... Our sub-conscious mind is programmed to expect to see all the leaves in lots of three.

So the sight of a Four-Leaf, or heaven forbid, a Five-Leaf; would automatically do a ‘Double-Take’... because of the sudden discrepancy between what it sees and what it expected to see.

This has the effect of making the sub-conscious mind become much more alert and aware of what it is seeing... The effects wear off over night... But it does help you to remember things.

If you are studying for an exam.... It would be a good idea to keep a Four-Leaf Clover, or a copy of the picture above, in your notebook.... As it will help you to remember your notes, when faced with the exam paper.

If you care to think about it.... You’ll find there are many ways you can use this effect to make your life easier.

Of course... You’ll only see Fairies... When there are any about, for you to see.

Like the Four-Leafed Clover, they are very rare... One per million, according to the experts at the Museum of London.... So don’t be surprised, if you have to look a lot before you see one.

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